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Loudoun Preservation Society Honors, Supports those Protecting Loudoun's Heritage
Paul Hodge

The Unison Preservation Society, represented here by founder Paul Hodge, was the recipient of the Loudoun Preservation Society's 2012 "Preservation of the Year Award" at their annual awards reception.

The Unison Preservation Society has accomplished the incredible feat of protecting 8000 acres of privately owned lands in southwest Loudoun County from future development, recognizing the areas importance in what is known as the 1862 Battle of Unison.

The Loudoun Preservation Society Annual Meeting and Preservation Awards Reception with The Joint Architectural Review Board
May 24, 2012 ~ Thomas Birkby House ~ Leesburg, Virginia
Gary Dickens                                          July 2012

One of Loudoun County's most significant awards ceremonies is also one of its most understated. Many of Loudoun's residents are aware of the Loudoun Chamber's annual "Valor Awards" and "Small Business Awards". The Town of Leesburg's popular "Business Awards" have grown dramatically in recent years. But there is one group laboring away quietly, patiently, behind the scenes to try and preserve what is left of the once bucolic Loudoun County.

Led by President Lori Kimball, the Loudoun Preservation Society fosters the protection of Loudoun's history and heritage, through both philosophy and cold, hard cash. Philosophically, with Loudoun's Joint Architectural Review Board, the Loudoun Preservation Society recognized 10 families and organizations this year for their efforts in preservation.

Knowing that preservation efforts require cash in addition to highly dedicated individuals, the Loudoun Preservation Society also made six grants to organizations highly vested in the protection and conservation of Loudoun's legacies.

The Loudoun Preservation Society is one of Loudoun's treasures, doing a great work in which all citizens benefit. If you would like to know more and/or become a member please visit http://preserveloudoun.org.

Please celebrate their successes and encourage their future efforts via this short article. All but one of the award and grant recipients are shown below.

Joint Architectural Review Board Awards
Duane & Cyndi Ellis
Common Grounds
Signage Award ~ "Common Grounds" ~ Middleburg ~ Duane & Cyndi Ellis
Pat & Scott Kinney
Shamrock Music Shoppe
Restoration Detail Award ~ Shamrock Music Shoppe ~ Purcellville ~ Pat & Scott Kinney
National SPorting Library
Sporting Library
Additions Award I ~ National Sporting Library ~ Middleburg
Ronald Rogos Tracy Coffing
Cornwall St Addition
Additions Award II ~ Ronald Rogos & Tracy Coffing ~ Leesburg
Brian and Carol Young
New COntruction Goose Creek
New Construction Award ~ Brian & Carol Young ~ Goose Creek Historic District
Joan Lehr Purcellville Vice Mayor
Purcellville TOwn Hall
Rehabilitation/Restoration Award I ~ Purcellville Town Hall ~ Purcellville Historic Distric
No Image
No Image
Rehabilitation/Restoration Award II ~ Ted & Dana Durden ~ Taylorstown Historic District
Glenn Jesse Ronald Benschoter, Jr.
Waterford Historic District
Rehabilitation/Restoration Award III ~ Glenn Jesse & Ronald Benschoter, Jr. ~ Waterford Historic District
Aldie Mill NVRPA
Aldie Mill
Community Blue Ribbon Award I ~ Aldie Mill Restoration ~ Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
Peter & Diane Burnett
Burnett Fire Restoration
Community Blue Ribbon Award II ~ Peter & Diane Burnett ~ Piggott Bottom Road
Loudoun Preservation Society Grant Awards
Friends of Bluemont
Friends of Bluemont (for the restoration & preservation of the Snickersville Academy)
Virginia Land Trust
Land Trust of Va
Land Trust of Virginia (rural village and community conservation study of the northwestern Loudoun community of Hillsboro)
Oatlands (repair and improvement of the glass roofed greenhouse)
Snickersville Turnpike Assoc
Hibbs Bridge Marker
Snickersville Turnpike Association (placement of historical marker at the Hibbs Bridge)
Unison MC PS
Unison MC PS
Unison Methodist Church/Unison Preservation Society (professional inspection of the historic church)
Christ Church
Christ Church
Catherine Boyd Grant Award ~ Christ Episcopal Church, Lucketts (repair of the church roof)
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